Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Christanand Vase, the first ever layman to head the prestigious Christian Brother's School, St. Mary’s High School, Mount Abu, has finally thrown in the towel. He made this announcement on the 22 November, 2008, much to the chagrin of a large portion of the staff present there. The Staff were looking forward to another tenure under this dynamic and controversial Principal as they were just getting adjusted to his way of administration.
When Christanand first took the reins, he was looked upon with suspicion and mistrust. How can a Layman ever take the place of a Christian Brother? Will he be competent enough as the former dutiful Principals that headed this institution for the last generation? Snide remarks were made about him “He will be lucky if he lasts out his term”. Well today this charismatic and self-motivated man who only thought of the good of the school has proved his mettle beyond any doubt. Not only did he serve two successful terms but could have gone for another term.
He will be missed by all the Staff and by a large majority of the students. He made an announcement as to his successor.It’s none other than Mary Joseph who has been the back bone 0f St.Mary’s School for a very long time. I wish him good fortune in his endeavors, and a big hearty welcome to a deserving and vibrant woman who will next year take over the Reign of her second home, St.Mary’s School

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  1. Bob Amore6:01 pm

    I met Christanand Vase for the first time a couple of days before Sports Day 2004. I'm pretty sure he was Princi-in-waiting. He was surprised to see such a large group of old boys from the 1950s and to discover that we had spread all around the globe. We spoke of our Principals, Bro Morrow, Bro O'Keeffe, Bro. Bennett, Bro Keane to name a few. I think he realised then that he had a lot to live up to. From the sound of your report, he has succeeded. My best wishes to him.

    I think that I have met Mary Joseph but could you post a snap of the lady, please?

    Long live ST MARY'S.

    Bob Amore 1957