Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Annual Sport's Day Mount Abu Continued

Brother Ward with the '83 batch of boys

Batch of 83 after a lapse of 25 years

An unfortunate snag the flag got stuck at half mast

The Principal Christanand Vase's closing speech

St.Joseph's with Cock House shield

Gymnastic Team Drill

Cliffy Dragwidge the school Anchor drummer

Mixed bag of Ex-students

Batch of 83

Batch of 83

St.Joseph's Cock House Winners

Prize Distribution

Mohan School's Chief Announcer

Stick Drill

Ivo the Anchor Man of the Show

Umbrella Drill

Tug of War

Batch of 83 at the back

Brother Ward awarding prizes

The Main Building

This year I reached the sports venue late the march past had finished, no band accompanied the marchers like in previous years. Last year the army Sikh regiment had sent their bagpipers to play for the school march past. I’m glad the school used its own resources and did not spend thousands on pomp and show. Innovations on part of the school organization this year were commendable.The school recognizes the efforts of students who excel. This year the students were given certificates and also garlanded with either the bronze, silver or gold plated medals, just like in the Olympics. Drill displays by the various classes received thunderous applause from the parents. The track and field events and the relays had the parents go gaga snapping their own kids with their latest hi-tech digital cameras. Then there were some parents who probably never attend a boarding school's sports day, found to my astonishment that the boy’s displays were boring. I casually asked some of the whiners why they were here, to which they replied “oh we have come to pick up our son after the meet so we can rush off with him for his holidays”. I felt like punching these guys but refrained, and only retorted, “I’m sure your son will be disappointed with you, after all he’s been through to prove himself on the field so that you as a parent could compliment him.”

This year saw a huge gathering of ex-students, thirty or so from the 83 batch, the twenty fifth anniversary of them having left school, I’m sure this event will make all others pale in comparison, unless the 84 batch next year can pull off a greater gathering. In my brief conversation, with some of them we talked about various topics, including by gone days. Yep! We were like a bunch of old fogies remembering old teachers and Brothers who were our mentors. The boys told me that they along with some of their wives and kids had made it to the top of Plummy. Imagine over thirty odd climbers atop the hill! Whew! It must have been exhilarating for all the thick set and paunchy guys.It must have been exciting for this reunion of school mates to see each other after a lapse of 25 years.

Man of Man imagine former class mates now grown men seizing each other; some pretty bald, others grossly overweight and may be just a few in pretty good shape. The victory lap put on by them was just a trot as probably Plummy had drained them of all their reserve strength the previous day. My hats off to these guys they were a fabulous bunch; they had come with positive vibes.There were quite a few other ex-students from different years also present for the sports day.
In tote the meet went off with a bang, no there was no fire works like those of the Olympics. The crowning moment was when the school anthem was sung with wholeheartedness and fervor followed by the National Anthem.



  1. Amin Hi,
    To your request,
    Uncle, Can you email or send me a download link to the first video. lot of relay teams goofed up the baton exchange at the olympics. every times someone messed up, I thought and argued with people that, that the correct way of passing the baton was done by us in school.

    I've posted you the video via "yousend it" click on this link to download it

  2. Ains,

    Thanks for the post and updates from Mt Abu. There are invaluable and bring back joyous memories of the good ol' times in Abu.

    Thanks Hasan,
    It's been ages since I last heard from you.

  3. SarahSaldanha1:07 pm

    Hi Ainsley,I had checked your blog the night of the Sports day, eagerly awaiting the updates, and finally read your post ysday eve.Thank You for keeping us posted, I had a few laughs reading the descriptions of the exstudents!!
    Sarah(wife of Chris)83 batch